At FlexPlay, we partner with organizations/companies to provide childcare solutions that fit their community, resulting in better childcare options for everyone.

As the cost of quality traditional childcare programs continue to increase, families, small businesses, solo-preneurs, and corporations are looking for more flexible and customizable options that are customized to their needs. At FlexPlay we provide a flexible, quality-driven  solution centered around families. This focus provides high-quality socialization and  experiential learning for children, with the immeasurable benefit and peace of mind for those that need it in order to focus on self-improvement, career ambitions, or academic pursuits.

We are more than childcare: We are Flexibility, Peace of Mind, Support & Community

For Your Children:  We focus on providing children with a continuous child centered curriculum that strengthens their natural curiosity and encourages their individual style of learning. We have passionate, CPR/First Aid Certified teachers to guide our little ones in their learning journey. Our commitment to our families is to nurture and grow the next generation of curious learners, problem solvers and community conscious citizens.

Our childcare program is built around 3 main principles:

  1. A curriculum that is engaging and encourages children’s natural curiosity to learn
  2. Educators who have a strong background and education.
  3.  Creating a safe, quality and nurturing space

We are much more than babysitting. We are intentional in providing children a range of daily activities that inspires a love for learning, compassion and kindness.

At FlexPlay, we provide our communities:

  • With a choice in childcare that meets your family’s needs
  • Quality driven childcare that fosters self-esteem building and confidence 
  • A  scheduled block of uninterrupted, productive work time each day fueled by the security of knowing your little ones are close by
  • More inclusive and flexible work environments for small and large corporations that partner with us
  • Larger attendance at events that include child-care, helping stakeholders be more inclusive

Choose a childcare option that meets your family's needs.

The People of Flexplay

Enam Haddad

Enam is the founder of Flexplay  and mother to three intelligent and beautiful children who are the motivation for FlexPlay. 

She has lived and worked in over 15 countries as a Higher Education professional and a Customer Service Manager. 

Enam Studied Masters in International Relations at Creighton University, Omaha, NE. She has extensive experience in program management, community building and customer service.

“Connecting people and education are the two things i am passionate about. FlexPlay gives me the opportunity to do both”

Ashley Accardo

Ashley is the Program Manager at Flexplay.  She is  a wife and mother to a smart and sassy four year old. Ashley is passionate, thoughtful, and super artistic. She leads in the daily operations of our classrooms and provides guidance in positive parenting techniques in our childcare program.

Ashley has a Bachelors in Sociology and Communications and an Associates in Child Development from University of Kansas City-Missouri. She has over 7 years of extensive experience in early childhood education and development


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